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Men With Breast Cancer: Watch the Heart— Small study details high prevalence of CV risk factors

This article is taken from MedPage Today written by Nicole Lou, Staff Writer, MedPage Today January 25, 2021

Male breast cancer patients commonly showed signs of elevated cardiovascular risk, according to a small retrospective study of this rare population.

Cardiovascular risk factors highly prevalent among the 24 male breast cancer patients studied at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center included:

  • Overweight: 88% of patients

  • Hypertension: 58%

  • Hyperlipidemia: 54%

Before cancer treatment, 8% of patients had pre-existing tachyarrhythmias; during treatment, another 13% developed them. Cancer treatment was also followed by two people showing drops in ejection fraction and two developing heart failure.


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