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Cinderella's Closet Your Specialty Lingerie Boutique

We believe women diagnosed with breast cancer will face some of the biggest challenges of their life; accepting their diagnosis, acknowledging it and living life under their "new normal".

Cinderella's Closet Your Specialty Lingerie Boutique, aka, Cinderella's Closet Lingerie was established by a breast cancer survivor. Someone that understands the challenges in finding lingerie that is designed to meet the functional needs while appealing to the emotional needs of a breast cancer survivor, making her feel "pretty".

With over 500 hours of extensive hands-on and instructional training, our certified fitters are qualified to provide assessments, treatment plans, follow-up and practice management of patients using external breast prostheses and other post-mastectomy products and services. 

Give us a call to schedule an appointment for a fitting with one of our compassionate fitters and let us introduce you to...


"Cinderella's Closet Lingerie", Where Before Meets After

Hi, I'm Dana

I am a daughter, wife, mom, grandmother, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Breast Cancer Survivor. 

In 2013, I heard the words, "You have Breast Cancer" and for the following three years after my diagnosis, I had 10 rounds of chemotherapy, a double-mastectomy, 25 radiation treatments, 2 reconstructive surgeries all while going back to school to obtain my Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration, graduating Suma Cum Laude. 

While I was on my breast cancer journey, my surgeon told me, "God has a plan for your life" and I believed it.  My breast cancer journey led me to my purpose, which was to create a boutique  designed to fit and service the post-mastectomy needs of Breast Cancer Fighter's and Survivor's.

I love what I do! Every day, I have the honor of transforming women that have undergone mastectomies, giving them back the confidence they have always had, but thought they lost while on their breast cancer journey. 

"Cinderella's Closet Lingerie", Where Before Meets After.

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Certified Mastectomy Fitter

What makes me qualified to fit you for your post-mastectomy needs?

I have completed rigorous education and training programs that satisfies industry standards, which includes over 500 intern hours at an accredited BOC facility. 

My certification and training qualifies me as an allied health care professional that provides and/or supervise the assessment, treatment plan development, implementation, and follow-up and practice management of patients using external breast prostheses and other post-mastectomy services.

As a trained and certified mastectomy fitter, I am considered to be integral to the physical and emotional well-being of patients, providing instruction and training on how to properly use and maintain post-mastectomy devices.

Product Lines

For your convenience, we are your one-stop post-mastectomy boutique.

Our product lines include:

  • Post-Mastectomy Bras

  • Post-Mastectomy Surgical Camisoles

  • Post-Mastectomy Compression Bras

  • Radiation Bras

  • Breast Prosthesis

  • Compression Garments

    • Sleeves​

    • Gloves/Gauntlets

  • Cranial Prosthesis (Wigs)

We believe that our clients deserve that best products and brands to help at the time of diagnosis, during recovery and beyond which is why we have partnered with notable brands such as:

  • American Breast Care

  • Amoena USA

  • Anita Care

  • Jobst

  • Juzo

  • Knitrite/Therafirm

  • MediUSA

  • New Day

  • Trulife

This store was designed with the needs of our breast cancer clients in mind.  If there are any post-mastectomy items that you need and we do not carry, we will do our best to get it for you!

Some of the products that you will need are covered by insurance which is why we have contracted with the following insurance companies:

  • Aetna

  • BlueShield (Authorization needed)

  • Cigna

  • TriCare West

  • Medicare

  • Medi-Cal

  • Humana


We are constantly adding new insurance agencies to our list, please give us a call if you don't see your insurance company listed. 


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