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Being Mindful in 2021

"Just as it is important that you are mindful about what you eat while on your breast cancer journey, it is just as important that you are careful about what your feed your mind."

While on my breast cancer journey, it was important for me to stay positive and sometimes that meant saying "no" to those closet to me. Saying no to drama, gossip, other people's problems, NO! NO! NO!

I also chose to stay off of the internet in search of answers to my questions. What I found is other people's ailments and complaints. Everybody's journey is different. What someone else has experienced from taking certain medications, you may not. The mind can trick you into believing that you are feeling something based on what you have read. So, if you have questions, ask your physician or medical professional.

This time in your life, it's all about you, so be sure to take time out for yourself. As women, we are the gate keepers and our natural instinct is to take care of everyone else before our own self. Don't worry about the dishes, the laundry, or dinner. Delegate these tasks, free your mind so that you can heal. ​


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